[:en]Sonet 27[:]

[:en]Costume Performance

The corset of the everyday-life is getting tighter and tighter around the body and the spirit. In my opinion the sonnet reflects the standstill of our own life – our daily routine, the social conventions, the unnecessary things everywhere and also the useless high-tech stuff all around us.

My attention was especially attracted by the manifestation  of the dressmakers art as it was very much characterized by geometrical shapes and the restrictions on the wearer‘s freedom of movement.

My intention was to make it physically arduous for the actor orperformer to act when wearing the costume, thus influencing his or herperformance.

The Adaption of the sonnet 27 of William Shakespeare and the connected crossing of personal pronouns lead to the consciously utilized irritation of the audience and also support the issues of my topic.

The performance was presented at four different evenings at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna, where each presentation was based on adifferent room situation, to enable independent development.

Built into the costume the performer (myself) had no chance to undress by herself.[:]